TSI Certificates for Free

Legios, the traditional supplier of freight wagons from Czech Republic has prepared an attractive offer for Sggrss 80‘ wagon for Turkish market.

Sggrss 80‘ is designed as flat wagon for transportation of 20‘ and 40‘ containers (loading length 24.750mm). It has 6 axles with axle load 22,5 tons each and can be loaded with  totally 109.000 kg in 4 pieces of 20‘ containers.  The wagon is suitable for maximum speed of 120 km/h.

The Sggrss 80‘ is TSI certified and can be operated across the border. It fully complies with the regulations on the Turkish market.

Compared to a traditional container wagon it can carry 2 times more containers and can be loaded  3 times more while the price corresponds to the standard wagons despite the TSI certification.  This facts will be appreciated by the logistics companies as they prefer a universal wagon with a high transport efficiency.

The wagons can be delivered within one month to the customers.

Ref : 2015007