Railway Adventure of Piri Group and Neti

Piri Group has been established in year 2000 and actively pursuing its objectives to become a global consulting company since then. Piri Group partners have delivered several projects that required complex solutions to problems in Turkey and worldwide. Piri Group partners have established Neti Engineering and Consulting Company in 2007 to extend their services in engineering projects. Neti have involved mostly in railway sector projects since its establishment.

Piri is mainly a strategy formulating and implementing Consultancy Company. Linked to these core competences, our company offers a large portfolio of services to public and private sector institutions and companies. We have been the driving force and also the implementing agent behind many of the most innovative projects with contributions to fields as diverse as transportation, energy, social infrastructure, SME development, governance, employment, and manufacturing.

One of our core service areas is transport and in specific railways sector. Railways business in the World is an area open to technological advancements and new complex services. There is an enormous expansion in investments since 1990s and it is foreseen that this expansion will continue in several dimensions of railways related industries. In railways, we provide a wide range of services from quality audits to supervision of construction together with our solution partners. Having been one of the few local transport companies, we have a stamp in the development of railways consulting business in Turkey. We contributed to critical strategic projects and still in search for new potential ones. At Piri we have been contributing to transforming of TCDD and Turkish Railway market into new legislative environment for several years. This experience helps us to design our services in the best way to meet the requirements of the regulators and sector players.

Our reputation is the result of unparalleled record of understanding client needs, concerns of public managers, problem identification and delivering results with high level intellectual and engineering input. We have been able to integrate business and technical services and this gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Some of the services we are currently doing and have achieved in Transport and Railways sectors are below;


  • We are currently implementing a Project called “Enhancement of the institutional capacity of Directory General of Railway Regulations – DGRR”. The Project, financed by the EU, aims to strengthen institutional, technical and administrative capacity of DGRR and MoTMC, improve the legislative and institutional harmonization in the railway sector with the EU acquis, and facilitate formation of a competitive, transparent and efficient railway sector by increasing the capacity of the DGRR which is the railways regulatory body under the MoTMC. The project will be implemented between Sept 2014-Sep 2015.
  • We have recently finished a project “Reform of the Turkish Railways (RTR)” from EU Commission together with our international partners Ecorys and Railistics. In this project we contributed to the TCDD strategy in aligning itself to the application of the new legislation. New legislation liberalizes railways therefore strategic decisions needed to be taken at TCDD. We were the active catalyser and designer of the future operations of TCDD in the upcoming liberalized setting.
  • Another project with Piri Group involvement was the “Technical assistance in the Re-structuring and Strengthening of The Turkish Rail Sector” again from EU Commission. The objective of the project was to re-organise the Turkish rail sector in accordance with the EU acquis. Within the framework of this project, a business unit approach was introduced to the current network. Independent and commercially managed undertakings were designed and TCDD infrastructure was reallocated to these business units. A customised Financial Management Information System was developed (FMIS). All this strategic actions prepared the basis of future liberalization at TCDD.
  • One of the key challenges that will take place in the future is the Public Service Obligation Contracts to be signed with operators. This is a completely new step to liberalised market operations. Piri Group prepared the framework of the first public service obligation contracts. Line based calculations were prepared to become an examples for future calculations. This World Bank Project was not only a good practice for Turkey but all countries in transition.
  • ARUS is the Cluster of Turkish Private Enterprises in railways industry. It consists of major service, maintenance, rolling stock and machinery providers. We are the selected consulting company of the Cluster in preparing the strategy and needs analysis for the application of URGE supports from Ministry of Economy. Arus Cluster will develop into a strategic one as the investments in the sector continue in Turkish geography and nearby countries. Achievements of the local companies with TCDD and local municipalities have been notable and we will contribute their future strategies with this project.


  • Above mentioned RTR Project had three components. One of the major components was dedicated to Safety Systems and measures. Within this component Piri took a critical role in aligning safety rules of TCDD with that of EU network. The topics covered under Safety component were
    • Establishment of the Safety Management Systems (SMSs) of Business Units (BU)
    • Preparation of a “gap analysis” and project pipeline for gap plugging on rail safety and interoperability identifying differences between EU member states and Turkey.
    • Determination of National Safety Rules
    • Training on safety, interoperability and infrastructure allocation and charging issues
  • Piri Group also supported the preparation of the Railway Safety Legislation of Turkey. This legislation, prepared in line with EU 2004/49 legislation, is one of the most critical legislation for safe operation in the liberalized railway market.


Piri Group has always been a credible company in technical trainings and capacity building projects. We provide customized trainings to specific needs of our customers. For railways sector our training history is quite unique with subject specific trainings.

Below are examples of trainings from railways sector that we organised under different technical assistance projects.

  • Enhancement of the institutional capacity of DGRR
    • Railway Safety Management Systems
    • Principals of railway safety in EU
    • Risk Assessment
    • Acceptance and certification of the railway vehicles
    • Occupational Health and Safety & Risk Assessment
    • ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 auditor trainings in TCDD
    • PSO Contracts
    • Accident Investigation in railways
    • Complaint Management in railways
    • Others
  • Reform of Turkish Railways Project:
    • Principals of railway safety in EU
    • Introduction of Safety management System in the regions
    • Occupational Health and Safety & Risk Assessment
    • ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 auditor trainings in TCDD
    • Statistical process control
    • Time Table Planning Principles in EU
    • Contract based pricing for freight market
    • Freight Markey Business Planning
  • TA for Restructuring and Strengthening of Rail Sector
    • EU legislation framework for railways
    • Separation of Business Units
    • Cost base accounting principles
    • Crises management
    • Communication skills
    • Principles of PSO
  • Other Railway Trainings
  • EN 50126, 50127, 50129, and RAMS trainings for TCDD Safety department
  • Trainings for TSI certification process in EU
  • Homologation /commissioning of rolling stock


  • Piri Group has also completed several legislation projects. For example in 2010, we have concluded Introducing Regulatory Impact Analysis into the Turkish Regulatory System with Turkish Prime Ministry which was a legislative capacity building of Turkey’s key legislation writing agencies. Project was tendered by EU commission and within the framework of this projects pilot regulatory impact analysis were prepared at institutions, trainings were provided and informative documents prepared and distributed
  • Piri Group also helped TCDD and MoT for the preparation of the TCDD 6461 law. Various alternatives have been discussed with the top management of TCDD and related ministry departments. Final version of the legislation were analysed and comments provided to the Ministry for their consideration.
  • Piri Group has been working for the DGRR for drafting the legislations for the liberalization of the Turkish Railways since they were established. The legislations that were prepared until now are the primary legislations essential for the railway reform. These legislations, which were prepared based on related EU legislations, are;
  • Railway Transport (Licensing) Regulation
  • Track Access and Capacity Allocation Regulation
  • Legislation for Railway Safety Regulation

Auditing, Certification and supervision in Railways

As safety is an important aspect of railways, certification of railway sub systems, supervision/ feasibility of railway construction projects has become two critical services for both private and public sectors. Our companies with our international solution partners have experience and completed number of projects in both areas.

  • Our Companies have cooperation agreements with the Notified Bodies to deliver project in the certification of railway and its sub systems. In these projects, our companies have worked with ERC, DEKRA and TUV SÜD, which are the most respected Notified Bodies, for certification / audit services for railways and its sub systems. Our team are trained, continuously updated with recent development for certification system in European railways. Some of the audit experiences are;
    • Alstom “Maintenance and Quality inspection” high speed train and management of its depots.
    • Vako, TSI certification for their freight wagons
    • Yapıray, rehabilitation of Denizli-Dazkırı railway line project
    • Çelikler, Denizli-Bozkur-Dinar railway line rehabilitation project
    • ECM certification of a private wagon producers-
    • Independent Safety Assessment of the special type wagon.
  • Our Companies are also active in supervision and engineering Projects. We provided support for the following projects;
    • Supervision of the construction of Gebze-Köseköy High Speed Line
    • Feasibility of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Project
    • Feasibility of Samsun- Kalın Railway Project

Relevant Project List of Piri Group and Neti

Relevant Projects implemented or participated by PIRI Group and Neti:

  • “2014-ongoing, Enhancement of the institutional capacity of Directory General of Railway Regulations
  • 2015, Yapıray, Denizli-Dazkırı rehabilitation project track independent safety (ISA) certification.
  • 2015, Vako Şti. ECM certification project
  • 2015 Special wagon tyrpe ISA Certification–devam
  • 2014, Çelikler, Bozkurt-Dinar rehabilitation project track independent safety (ISA) certification.
  • 2014, Preparation of strategic roadmap for ARUS, the largest Railway cluster in Turkey.
  • 2014, TCDD EYS Directorate Safety trainings
  • 2014, Vako, Advisory service to Dekra for the TSI certification for their freight wagons
  • 2013-2014, Preparation of Safety Legislation for Turkish Railways
  • 2013, EN 50126, 50127, 50129, and RAMS trainings for TCDD Safety department
  • 2013, Cluster Matchmaking event for Spanish railway companies in Turkey.
  • 2013, Preparation of the Licensing and Infrastructure Access Legislation for Turkish Railways
  • 2012, Maintenance and Quality inspection” high speed train and management of its depots in Turkey
  • 2010-2014, Supervision for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Köseköy-Gebze Section of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Train Project
  • 2010-2014, Reform of the Turkish Railways, TCDD
  • 2010, Rationalization and Preparing a Passenger Service Obligation (PSO) Contract for Passenger Services in Turkey, TCDD
  • 2009-2011, Traffic Safety Education for the Traffic Safety Improvements Programme in North Cyprus
  • 2008-2009, Introducing Regulatory Impact Analysis into the Turkish Legal Framework, EC
  • 2008-2009, Technical Assistance for the Installation of the Signalisation and Electrification Systems of the Railway Line between Irmak-Karabuk-Zonguldak, EC
  • 2005-2007, Turkey, Technical assistance in the Restructuring and Strengthening of the Turkish Rail Sector, EC
  • 2007, Organisation support for two actions under the Support to Quality Infrastructure Programme, EC
  • 2007, International Symposium on Conformity Assessment and Technical Assistance to Conformity Assessment Association, EC
  • 2005-2007, Awareness Raising for the Quality Infrastructure in Turkey, EC
  • 2006-2008, Privatisation Social Support II, WB
  • 2002-2005, Privatisation Social Support Project – I, WB

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