Your partner in railways

Railway is changing very fast in Turkey.

Huge investments, liberalization, enterance of global players, new rail connections and new markets around has already attracted attention all over the world.

With all our experience and network in Turkey and outside, we do help both foreign and Turkish companies which are interested in railways and want to develop rail projects.


Our Services

Railway Transportation

Do you have a transport to/from/in Turkey?

We’ve been involved in various rail transport projects including intermodal, oversize cargo and rolling stock transportation. Together with our partner companies each having diverse strengths, we help you developing the best solution.

Project Management

Do you have a rail project in Turkey?

We’ve been involved in various projects including railway, tranportation and IT. Let us help you leading your project. We know Turkish market, the suppliers. Most important: We know how to lead a project.


Do you want to enter Turkish market?

You’d need someone who can represent your company by all means. Or you may prefer a partner rather than a representative. In any case, you would need a transparent, reliable and open colaboration. That’s what we do.

Rail Media

Do you have a product or service about rail to be announced to Turkish market?

There have been many rail projects in Turkey which couldn’t survive in their first year, before they were heard by most of their potential clients.

We’ve been publishing Rail Turkey since 2013, which is being followed not only in Turkey, but all over the world. Rail Turkey followed totally different route than others and now offers a prestigious and effective way to reach the market.


Do you need info about Turkish railways?

Liberalization speeded up the rapid change in Turkish railways. Do not step into this market blindly.

Despite the fact that we created the largest open source information environment about Turkish railways by Rail Turkey, we have even more. You may need an executive review about Turkish rail market before you step in or may need a continuous support for your team during setup. We are ready to help you with our deep knowledge of transportation market in Turkey, and wide network in railways.


Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway is almost ready

Laying of rails in Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway project is completed. The last missing section of Baku-Tblisi-Kars railway project connecting Turkey to Azerbaijan, Central Asia and China is completed. The test train had departed from Kars and arrived Akhalkalaki for the first time. However, the railway is not ready for commercial traffic yet. The engineering works continue …